Cleaning 101 (with a free guest room cleaning & stocking checklist)

The least fun aspect of operating a hotel or vacation rental is the post check out clean up. Here are some tips to make the process quicker, more enjoyable, and more efficient:
Choose cleaning products that are scentless and environmentally friendly, you don't want to breathe nasty fumes (or subject your housekeepers & guests to them!). Seventh Generation is a great choice, the brand is widely available and the products are effective. I use their all purpose cleanerbathroom cleaner, and laundry detergent.
The best glass cleaner hands down is Sprayway, it is non-toxic and ammonia free. 
For cleaning marks off of walls, doors, & baseboards use a Magic Eraser (once you do, you will wonder how you ever got by without them!).
For cleaning hardwood & tile floors use a Bona Pro mop, if you clean the floors after every guest you don't need to use a scrub mop very often.
The best vacuum I have ever used is a Miele Olympus (for any type of floor), I put one in every rental and let my guests have access to it during their stay.
Miele also makes a rotary iron, which I highly recommend for ironing sheets & table linens. I used one for a 5 room Inn for 7 years and it never failed me.
The best hand held irons are made by Rowenta. They make a travel size iron that comes in a zipper bag that I put in every room with an ironing board for guests to use.
Always clean top to bottom:
  1. Strip the room of used linens, trash, & personal items from the previous guest
  2. Dust lamps/ shutters/ etc.
  3. Wipe surfaces (with appropriate cleaners- all purpose, glass, wood)
  4. Scrub the bathroom with a disinfecting cleaner
  5. Make the bed, put fresh towels in the bathroom
  6. Restock the room with amenities (bathroom kit, water, snacks, fresh flowers)
  7. Vacuum & mop
  8. Walk through the room to make sure you haven't missed anything
If there is one thing we have learned from our experience managing hotels and vacation rentals it is that guests notice (and appreciate!) the details. This is a list of suggested items to keep in your rental, and a great list to use as a reference for cleaners to make sure nothing is missing after a guest checks out:

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