The Guest Room Amenities That Matter Most

Whether you run a large resort, a small Inn, or a one room vacation rental, guests care about the same basic things (in no particular order):

  • Cleanlines: Clean your guest rooms thoroughly after each guest checks out, and schedule a deep clean during your down time. Find an amazing housekeeper and pay them well, this is priority #1!
  • Internet Connection: Guests rely on a good internet connection to check in on nearby restaurant ratings, answer emails, update their Facebook status, watch movies, and so much more. One of the first questions a guest will ask when they check in is 'what is the wifi code', do yourself a favor and post it in the room in a prominent location, and make sure you have a fast and reliable internet connection.
  • Privacy: Guests want their own restroom, their own table at breakfast, a private place to sit and have a glass of wine or read a book, and a room with thick curtains. The opportunity to socialize is also appreciated, but privacy is more important.
  • A Comfortable Bed: Make sure to take care of your mattresses, replace them according to the manufacturers recommendations (every 5-7 years or so), and use high quality bed linens, your guests will praise you!
  • Friendly and Responsive Staff: Answer emails within 24 hours, greet your guests when they arrive, be available to them during their stay, and follow up with them when they check out. Make your guests feel welcome & appreciated.
  • Quality Amenities: Quality toiletries (like our handy kits!) are a must, go the extra mile with unique offerings that make sense for your location (beach towels for the beach house, bikes for the city apartment, bug spray for the cabin, etc.).
  • Water: Stock your guest room with large bottles of complimentary water (or, if you have a kitchen, install a filter system in the sink), your guests will be stunned by your generosity.

iPod radios, TVs with a movie selection (DVDs or Netflix), access to a daily newspaper, and complimentary snacks (cookies, mints, cheese & nuts) are also all very much appreciated. Acknowledge special occasions (a split of champagne for anniversaries, a special treat for birthdays, and a personal note) to create a memorable experience.

Think about what your guests will need before they have to ask (stock the bathroom with extra toilet paper, have a self serve coffee station available for early risers, and post all of the essential information about your accommodations in an obvious location).

Keep these key points in mind and you will be rewarded with glowing reviews and return customers!

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