Paradise is a Beach in Tulum

The modern innkeeper comes in many shapes and sizes. Some greet you with a car at the airport, while others a set of keys placed under the second brick to the left of the garage door. Still others, as was the case on a recent trip to the Yucatan Peninsula, find it most appropriate to welcome their guests with a large bowl of tropical fruit and a bottle of tequila. 

At first you are taken back by the thought of a bottle of tequila as a welcoming gift. I mean, what are we, on vacation or something? Who could possibly require an entire bottle of tequila during their five day stay at The Royal Resorts in Puerto Morelos? However, somewhere between digging your aching toes into the warm white sand and sipping a margarita at the seemingly endless bar at the endless pool, you realize now is the time. 

Now is the time to enjoy that second margarita. Now is the time to enjoy an in-room massage followed by an hour and a half soak in the jacuzzi tub on the balcony of your suite overlooking the Caribbean Ocean. Now is the time to lay on the floor of your room naked and enjoy the cool breeze coming through the double doors into your room, to eat an entire mango, and it is certainly the time to drink some more of your complimentary tequila. You cannot differentiate the effects of the alcohol and the total relaxation induced euphoria you are experiencing from your first day on the Yucatan Peninsula.

That last shot is basically commanding you to put on your damp bathing suit and get back to that powder white sand. That powder white sand is basically commanding you to stay on your lounge chair for the remainder of the day. You are happy to oblige. 

The following day and an hour down the road you arrive in Tulum. 

This is where Mexico comes to “Riviera”. The Most Interesting Man In The World has his vacation home here. Not really, but Pablo Escobar did, actually. This is definitely one of the most beautiful coastlines in the world, it is sprinkled with boutique hotels, private vacation rentals, and modern eco-retreats, and it is without a doubt the most spectacular selection of yoga studios you have ever seen. Tulum had you at “Hola”. 

Your check in at La Zebra coincides perfectly with the warmest time of the day. You are greeted with a margarita, naturally, and taken to your beach-side cabana. The roof is thatched, the window shades are white linen, and a large painting of Frida and her monkey adorns the wall above your bed. Frida mentions you should probably check out lunch in the dining area. She recommends the shrimp, octopus, an bacon tacos. It turns out Frida has amazing taste. Actually, all of the food at La Zebra is incredible. The details. They get it. 

After lunch a short walk down the beach leads you to Coqui Coqui, a tastefully appointed boutique hotel, perfumeria, and spa. This place exudes Tulum-refinement. A style that is a mixture of beach gypsy-formal and the hippest modern Mexican swagger. If Tulum was a clothing line, you would buy it here. You purchase a linen Kaftan and an hour massage. 

You were not prepared for this massage. Private studio, hovering over the Caribbean, tropical essential oils, you vow to never return to real life, at least not entirely. The Coqui Coqui proprietary perfume you purchased will help make this vow a reality.

This is winter on the Yucatan Penninsula. 

This is the Modern Innkeeper.  

La Zebra

Coqui Coqui


Grand Residences

Modern Innkeeper

Modern Innkeeper, San Luis Obispo, CA, USA