A Little Bit About Us

We are dedicated to serving the needs of small hospitality entrepreneurs. We are an online resource for the thoughtful host, an a la carte purveyor of fine goods for the small boutique Inn owner, and a daily inspirational website for the person who believes there is nothing "Granny" about their guest's quarters. 

Our team of contributors is comprised of Boutique Hotel Owners, Bed And Breakfast Owners, Vacation Rental Owners, and Travelers. 

We love being hosts.

We love to prepare the bed with fresh linens, set the table, arrange flowers, greet our guests with curated delicacies and send them off with  a healthy breakfast. We love the details. We love choosing the perfect magazine to place on the nightstand, hand writing welcome notes, and decorating our spaces with personal and thoughtful touches. We love being hosts simply because we know how nice it is to be taken care of.

Thoughtful embellishments are what we remember most in our travels. To be offered that cup of tea when we need it most and a toothbrush when we forget our own. We appreciate the details and we know you do too. We believe these details are what help set you apart in the rapidly growing industry of home rentals and we believe you should have the resources you need to insure that your guests are taken care of.

You don't need a valet or concierge to make someone feel welcome, you just need the foresight to know what your guests will need, before they realize they need it. We know the critical details that create a positive guest experience. We understand the needs of a thoughtful host and the desired comforts of a traveler because this is who we are. 

We are part of a new culture of hospitality entrepreneurs. 

We are the modern innkeeper